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Once upon a time mobile phones were rare, the size of a brick, and for making calls, Remember the 80’s? Then you could text (goodbye pagers); take really good photo’s (say cheese) and email (blimey). Today we look at our mobiles more than our watches, we browse the internet, search things out, find direction, education and inspiration.
But this is not a one way experience because we can be sought as well as seek, learn and communicate with our world and the services, products and people around us.

Data has got big (like really big), and with so much to analyse and understand how can anyone (consumers, advertisers, whoever) make sense of so much traffic? We can navigate through the rush hour; we are your taxi drivers (you talking to us?).

Our vision

We are a small start up with BIG ideas based in the UK and Poland.

We want to make a difference by driving the changes that we want to see in the mobile advertising world.

We want our technology to deliver the next generation of mobile advertising. We are communicating at an extraordinary level. Today consumers are connected and switched on, now it’s time to start a fluid conversation. It’s not polite to shout.


Tamome was founded in 2012, but really Christian Louca has been working on it for years. He started small; his agency sold the first trutones (yes that’s what they were called then) for Fatboy slim among others, but the industry was small then. In fact it wasn’t really an industry. As Mobile Technology and marketing grew so did Christians ideas, he learnt more and more working for other people (and growing their businesses while the industry grew) but he realised that traditional marketing is sort of black and white, while mobile is glorious Technicolor, If only technology could be applied the right way, marketing could and would be specific in a way unique to mobile. Intelligent analysis delivering zero waste and risk.

Christian found a kindred spirit in Jonathan, who’d spent a lifetime enthusing about technology and what it could do if applied the right way (sound familiar?). Right, so now things were really cooking, together they drew diagrams, drank coffee and planned how to build a company that would change mobile marketing. Ta dah Tamome.

Then they pulled in some angel funding and got to work. A team of designers and software engineers were hired including their superstar lead engineer Albert (Hi Albert). After some crazy long nights, longer weekends and quite a few agile sprints they had a beta to take to market. Christian’s sales skills propelled the first campaigns that got things running and generating revenue: first base achieved (yay!) With the campaigns came Lee, our trusted client services dude and all round manager for campaigns (Hi Lee).

Campaigns have come (and several gone) and the team has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in mobile CPA campaigns (it’s a start up, everyone gets to do at least three roles). The team pivoted the company based on everything they’d learnt in the first 18 months and now are really focused on what works and what they need to do and build to get to second base.


Risk Free: A risk free environment based on an innovative Cost-Per-Action model

Minimise waste: Minimise waste on your media spend

Analytics & Research: Real time campaign optimisation and mobile intelligence

Global Reach: A global solution reaching a worldwide audience.


Open budget programs, with no end date and on a Cost-Per-Action basis.

We track and measure on all devices and Operating Systems.