Tamome RTB

Tamome RTB and Smart Campaign Management makes use of historical behaviour, demographics, geo-targeting, offline data and context to automate biding and provide significant assistance to campaign management.

As our supply side partners provide more insight into their inventory, we will deliver greater return on investment for the supply and demand sides.

We understand how to maximise investment returns from the inventory you hold. Our sophisticated analysis engine generates better targeting and revenue. We can optimise your access to the mobile advertising market. With targeted cost-per-action campaigns we track and report the results and manage the payments back to you.

We support sophisticated targeting features (device, demographic, behavioural, channel, geo-location, country, time of day, platform and operating system) comprehensive post-click statistics, standard banner-ad formats, rich media and HTML5 to ensure maximum relevancy to consumers and maximum revenue to the publisher.

You are as unique as your inventory

We can open up your inventory to advertisers buying branding, lead generation or customer acquisition globally.

We can help you access multiple demand partners with leading brands and high value campaigns in the mobile performance market.

Our Analytics and research give you real time performance reports enhancing your strategic capability.

Flexible buying models

Cost per click, action, impression, lead, cost per sale,  or Real-Time Bidding. We provide conversion tracking and aggregated financial reporting across multiple demand partners with campaign optimisation to delivery or over deliver on eCPMs.


Advertisers in the mobile market see CPA  as the way forward. Work with us to show them measurable value on their investment with you.

Bespoke support for campaigns running on your inventory

Our technology is relevant across the business spectrum 

Supply Side