Chief Technological Officer and Co-Founder

Jonathan's been making computers do smart stuff since 1985. Along with some other clever people he’s made Smartphones, a smartphone OS, a UNIX OS, Microsoft Word (yes, that one), cool web-sites, distribution and accounting systems and numerical semiconductor simulators. Oh and a little thing called mobile email in the year 2000.

Jonathan has coded, architected, roadmapped and strategised his way through various start-ups and not so start-ups for 3 decades.


Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Christian loves a start-up. Way back in 2003 he started work with his own mobile content and marketing agency, Trusted Media Ltd, then moved on to Enpocket as Senior New Business Director during the merger with Nokia. He was previously Global Managing Director at YOC which he built up from scratch to a £multi-million revenue business.

As Tamome’s CEO he is passionate about how to make advertising relevant; giving brands a fluid conversation via the mobile channel. He has found the people he needs to make his vision a reality, and has built a business that works.


Lead Engineer

Albert is a phenomenal designer and generator of code, we absolutely know this because he makes everything we ask him to. ‘Sure, no problem!’ is Albert’s cheery catchphrase, lucky for us because if anything goes wrong (and we admit it occasionally goes wonky during our betas) he fixes it very, very quickly.


Client Services Director

Lee is our Mr Sociable. He’s founded his own start-up in the past, working primarily in client services and client development roles around data centres, hosting, analytics and innovating with technology to help business processes (sounds familiar!).

Lee is our go-to person for keeping customers happy, getting campaigns up and running and generally making stuff happen in the real world.

Albert is Polish

He's making sense of our need to discuss the weather (a lot!). He also knows the difference between ‘being a patient’ and ‘being patient’, which is not something we have to do very often as Albert turns things around so quickly for us (Thanks Albert).

Albert is into...


Making computers do cool stuff

Lee previously

Trained as a chef, then worked in the sun-avoiding world of the recording studio as an engineer and programmer.  With a little persuasion (G&T if you meet him) he’ll mention working with the likes of Depeche Mode, Neneh Cherry and trying to find the volume button on Tom Jones. 

Our TeAM

Jonathan thinks a lot about....


Mountain bikes

Big breakfasts


Making computers do stuff

Christian  adores

Skiing in the Alps

Going on family walks

Playing with his children

Eating sushi

Eating roast dinners

Listening to music

All things mobile

Making advertising work


Lead Engineer

Simon's computing background started with developing UNIX operating systems and enterprise storage solutions.  After a decade of kernel level development making smartphones, he's come full circle to join Tamome and deliver real time bidding.

Simon loves


Lotus sports cars


Simon says...

"It's just a complex system, like all the others"

On Lee's mind is....

Music & technology

His kitchen

Dazzling our clients of course!